Revolax Lip Fillers Kent

What is Revolax Lip Fillers Kent?

At FAB we have been performing Juvederm Lip Fillers in Kent, since 2009. We have many happy clients who regularly return to FAB to maintain their lip fillers, whilst recommending FAB To their family and friends.

How does Revolax Lip Fillers Kent treatment work?

Revolax Lip Filler injections is a cosmetic procedure that can give you fuller, plumper lips. These days, an injectable dermal filler is the most commonly used method of lip injections. There are many types of dermal fillers that can be injected in your lips and around your mouth. But the most lip injections today are products that contain substances similar to hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the body. It helps increase volume in your lips.  These types of lip injections are sometimes called "dermal fillers."

How is the Revolax Lip Fillers Kent treatment performed?

Lip Enhancement to enhance lip lines, Cupids Bow and add plumpness. A consultation will take place before Lip Enhancement to ascertain your suitability for lip injections. After consultation, numbing cream will be applied to to the lip area and left for approximately 20 minutes. The process of lip injections normally takes 10 minutes.

Where can I go to have Revolax Lip Fillers in Kent?

FAB in Rainham Kent have been enhancing lips with Revolax Lip Fillers since 2009. You are in safe hands at FAB, we are experts in creating the Perfect Pout. Whether you want to define your lip lines or add plumpness we can help you obtain the best possible results.

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